Intimfitness Training Center

Intimfitness is a place where a female is born-again


Keeping our lower bodyparts healthy is part of the wellness lifestyle, this defines our self-esteem, our radiance, our sexual activity and the freedom of our movements.

We have to re-learn how to keep our intim muscles in condotion which are getting weaker as time goes by if we don't take care of them.


    Intimfitness Trénerképző
  • We can experience daily the joy in movements.
  • We create a beautifull female muscle-group: nice legs,bottom,and tummy!
  • Our body remains young, flexible, and strong.
  • Our new muscles give a new stability to the body.
  • Our walking will be now with ease.
  • Our backs will be straightened also.
  • All kinda skins will be tight again.
  • It energetizeses the male and female genitals and sexual activities.
  • Better oxigen suppliment.
  • The number and strenght of orgasm increases.
  • The PC muscles' strenght will be increased.
  • Prepares the womb for the baby.
  • Help to regenerate after delivery.
  • Better bladder control.
  • Prevents the weakness of the muscles.



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